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Naturbon 24HR Nourishing Superfood Face Cream is a gentle, yet potent formulation that can lock in face moisture for 24 hours! Plus, it does not leave an oily residue behind, which may otherwise cause flare-ups and breakouts or make the skin look dull and lifeless. Thanks to high concentrations of saturated fatty acids, your skin will look pristine and boast a youthful glow.

Ingredient List

Almond oil – This oil soaks into the skin quickly so it doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. Once absorbed, it moisturizes the skin for hours.

Cupuacu butter – The butter is an excellent emollient that maintains and restores skin elasticity while providing anti oxidation benefits to fight off free radicals.

Grape seed oil – Tones and tightens the skin, thus closing pores which can otherwise become breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria.

Saturated fatty acids – Creates a soothing film on the skin that prevents water loss, leaving you with fresh derma.

Argan oil – Moisturizes dry and flaky skin and keeps it hydrated for hours on end. Argan oil is also rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that lock in moisture.

Olives – Olives cleanse clogged pores and is loaded with nutrients that act as humectants that attract moisture to dry skin.

Size: 50ml

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