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The Demand For Organic Skincare And Brightening Products Will Increase In 2022 | Naturbon Online Store

The Demand For Organic Skincare And Brightening Products Will Increase In 2022

  • Naturbon Store
  • Jan, 25 , 22
According to the Fact. MR. report, recent trends show a remarkable increase in the number of customers choosing natural and organic skincare products.

The emergence of on-trend natural and plant-based ingredients is because of the rising awareness and cautiousness amongst consumers about the adverse effects that synthetic chemicals have on their skin. Also, a growing inclination among the masses towards sophisticated and natural body products that are free of chemicals and any side effects is another major factor for driving demand for paraben free skincare in 2022. Moreover, people with sensitive skin are more concerned about their skincare routine and prefer natural products for sensitive skin over certain chemical-laden products.

Furthermore, due to the pandemic and people spending their time indoors to avoid getting infected by the COVID-19 virus and its variants, we will continue to witness a change in consumers’ purchasing patterns or behaviour. People will shift their focus more on personal care and hygiene, wellness and beauty, further fuelling up the demand for organic skincare products.

The rising inclination of consumers toward environmental-friendly and cruelty-free products, including vegan ingredients, has led manufacturers and beauty brands to focus on making skincare products that have lesser carbon footprint and are free of any toxins. In terms of production, Europe is all set to dominate the beauty market through 2031. Skincare products, such as creams and lotions will cover the major market share. Also, China will take over the market through 2031 at a high single-digit rise in CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate).

Many factors such as increasing occurrence of tanning, black spots, dullness due to pollution, unhealthy lifestyle etc. have increased the demand for face brightening creams and other skin brightening products among younger consumers. On the other hand, the demand for anti-aging products amongst aged consumers is at an all-time high. There was a decline in demand for skin bright face cream and skin-brightening products in 2020 due to the world struggling with the pandemic. However, with the acceleration of multiple online shopping platforms, it is expected to bounce back with an estimated CAGR of around 7.5% over the next ten years. Additionally, the ability to afford skin-lightening products at reasonable prices contributes to its growth in demand.

In recent times, consumers have started paying more attention to their healthcare with the use of skin-nourishing products, and they are on a constant lookout for organic product brands. Companies like Naturbon aim to provide skincare products enriched with highly organic and all-natural
ingredients to rejuvenate the skin without causing any harmful side effects. Also, it offers the best natural skin brightening products and plastic free skincare in the UK. Today, manufacturers are opting for sustainable processes and investing more in the research and development of new products amalgamated with the growing trend of natural ingredients-based skincare formulas. Alongside organic skincare products gaining popularity globally, consumers are choosing brands conscious about the packaging of their products. Sustainable product packaging made from recyclable, refillable or eco-friendly materials making a massive impact on our environment is in high demand.

Today, every individual, especially millennials and Gen Z, are no longer concerned about (just) makeup. Instead, they look for authenticity. Nurturing and caring for the skin takes the front seat. They are also more inclined towards buying cruelty-free and vegan products. Moreover, this generation is keener on making changes in their daily lives to live happily and healthily. And it’s not just about skincare but also the food they eat - chemical-free foods that can make a difference in their daily lives as they are fully aware of the possible impacts of chemically enhanced products. Interestingly, the money spent on skincare is considerably higher than on makeup. Hence, for them, beauty is intertwined with the perception of wellbeing. Various companies offer organic vegan skincare in the UK. Naturbon vegan-friendly Lavender Tea Tree Clarifying Skin Cream and Luxury Tea Tree Clarifying Cream Cleanser help reduce the risk of skin imperfections and fight spots naturally. From natural skincare for mature skin through organic face products for dry skin to natural skincare for oily acne-prone skin, Naturbon covers a wide range of organic products for all skin types that heal your skin and accentuate your natural beauty.

Over the years, people have become more conscious about their lifestyle, and they are choosing healthier options. Organic and natural skincare will become more than a trend and soon transform from being niche to more mainstream. With a similar ethos and thought process, Naturbon believes in creating a healthy planet with its all-natural skincare products. Also, minimizing the impact of its business on the environment, Naturbon deliberately chooses packaging and ingredients that reduce carbon footprint. Clean and Green Beauty is what people will aim for in the times to come.

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