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101 skin problems, one cure – ALOE VERA! | Naturbon Online Store

101 skin problems, one cure – ALOE VERA!

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  • Jan, 27 , 22

Used for thousands of years - Aloe vera is a household name and is considered a medicinal and cosmetic plant. It is a thick, short-stemmed plant with a gel-like structure in its leaves; the gel is considered a powerhouse of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and 75 other active constituents.

Remember, when your elders told you to rub aloe vera gel soon after you have a sunburn? Yes, but not only does it cure a sunburn but also many other skin conditions like – psoriasis, acne, cold sores, and what not! Because of its beauty, skincare, health, and medicinal properties, aloe vera is regarded by the Greek Scientists as ‘’ the universal panacea’’ and by the Egyptians as ‘’the plant of immortality.’’

Having clear, glowing skin is a dream of many and especially with the fast pacing Instagram world, we need to stay ahead with our skincare! Looking dap every time is not possible but with consistent skincare routines and a healthy diet, we can keep our skin problems at bay! You must have seen many influencers swearing by aloe vera for clear and glowing skin. But have you ever wondered how do they include it in their regimen? Well, in this blog, we will tell you how to use aloe vera for glowing and clear skin.

We recommend having your notepad with you or simply bookmarking this page for your future reference! Also, share it with your friends and family because it is super-easy and highly efficient!


1. For Face wash and scrubs

Face wash with aloe vera gel is available in the market but if you do not want to go for that, no worries. We will tell you how you can add aloe vera to your regular face wash. If you have acne-prone skin then aloe vera is the right ingredient for you to add! It kills acne-causing bacteria. For this, you need to take your regular face wash, considerably an oil-based face wash, and then add aloe vera gel to it. Voila! You have your own oil cleanser for acne prone skin. If you want to remove dead skin cells, simply add its gel to your face scrub! You will have a dead skin removal cream for face!

2. For Skin toner and face creams

It is very important to use a toner soon after you have washed your face. It helps tighten your pores and if you add aloe vera gel in it, it will work wonders for your skin! Skin repair creams generally have added aloe vera in them but if you do not have it, mix a little aloe vera gel in your favorite face cream and you will be good to go. It will act as a skin brightening face cream and will rejuvenate your dull and tired skin.

3. For moisturizing and eczema relief

You can use aloe vera gel directly on your face for eczema relief. Know that, after some time, raw aloe vera dries up, so mix it up with your face cream or oil that suits your skin type. Face creams with aloe vera are considered as the best moisturizing cream for black skin. Also, if you are looking for a face cream for dull and tired skin, check for aloe vera as the main ingredient!

4. For acne and rosacea

You can make an acne solution by mixing tea tree oil and aloe vera gel. Apply it on your active acne and spots and leave it overnight. It will not only lessen the acne but also make your skin glow and help keep it clear. If you have rosacea, apply aloe vera gel and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash off and apply the face cream suggested by your dermat!


Aloe vera is a popular plant enriched with properties that are beneficial to your skin’s health. You can also drink aloe vera juice for a healthy you that shines from inside out. Moreover, aloe vera products are cult favorites and they can also make for a perfect gift for your loved ones. Choose from a wide range of vegan skin care gift set and natural beauty gift sets. Believe in us, when we say- aloe vera is a star ingredient!

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