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Natural Skincare Products, Why Should I Choose it? | Naturbon Online Store

Natural Skincare Products, Why Should I Choose it?

  • Naturbon Store
  • Jan, 25 , 21

Do you LOVE your skin? Then you should consider natural skincare products as part of your daily and nightly rituals. Compared to cosmetic products that are chock full of chemicals, natural skincare products deliver results that can last for years in terms of sustainability to healthy skin and to healthy environment.

Here are 2 key reasons why you should use natural body care products that contain natural & organic ingredients:

1)They Are Nutrient-Rich

Ever heard of the saying ‘if you cannot eat it, do not apply it on your skin?’ That is the entire ethos that has made the natural skin care product industry so successful. So if the back label of a product reads like a grocery list, it means it won’t harm your skin.

For example, natural shea body butter can treat dry skin and leave it feeling conditioned and supple. Similarly, products that contain coconut oil can infuse the skin with essential fatty acids for a youthful glow. Plus, pomegranate seed oil can keep skin looking soft, smooth and tight.

That is not to say that organic skincare products are miracle cures for dry and ageing skin and hair. These products do not fill skin with petroleum based byproducts or ‘flay’ it to make it look pristine even if it isn’t. Instead, organic ingredients help the skin heal naturally by nourishing it from the inside out. In other words, natural skincare products, coax skin back to its original health rather than masking its imperfections.So, this is what makes Naturbon a path-breaking organic alternative for skincare as it focuses on including natural elements in skincare.

For your daily dose of Vitamin C skincare, try Naturbon’s Organic & Natural Pomegranate Purifying Facial Cleanser, Naturbon Natural Brightening Anti-Ageing Vitamin ACE Cream and Naturbon Superfood VitaPOWER Cleansing Foam Face Wash.

Those looking for skincare routine for acne, they can go for Luxury Tea Tree Clarifying Cream Cleanser - Vegan friendly and Organic & Natural Pomegranate Purifying Facial Cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, then Organic & Natural - 24HR Sensitive Olive Oil Anti-Ageing Facial Cream would be the right for you.

People looking for skincare routine for combination skin can try Naturbon Premium Bio Brightening Vitamin ACE Pack, Naturbon 24HR Nourishing Superfood Face Cream and Lavender Tea Tree Clarifying Skin Cream - Vegan friendly.

2)They Are Inspired By Our Environment

Natural skincare products boast ingredients that are not only better for the environment, they can be found in it as well. A hair tonic that contains lemongrass for instance can moisturize the scalp to enhance growth and a conditioner that contains tea tree oil can rejuvenate damaged hair.

Both of these have one thing in common – they are devoid of chemicals that can ruin all of the benefits they offer and can harm the environment as well. When synthetic products seep into the ground, they can have a debilitating effect on entire eco-systems.

In fact, the processes that are used to create traditional skin care products also place a lot of stress on our planet. Some ingredients such as lead and aluminium require mining which can leave a gigantic carbon footprint on our world. With climate change imminent, do you really want to contribute to our planet’s demise?

In contrast, natural skin care products contain organic ingredients that don’t need to be extracted from the depths of the earth. Plus, they do not harm wildlife or vegetation when they are discarded.

At Naturbon, we believe that natural beauty is the sum of self care and your personality as a whole. Our organic product range is based on that ethos. We have curated skincare gift sets as well, including the Naturbon Premium Bio Brightening Vitamin ACE Pack.Our luxury skincare range is abonus too.

Order your entire skincare routine today!

We ship our products globally, for any enquiries you can use the chat box or simply send us a message.


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