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Top 4 Winter Hydration Tips Your Skin Will Thank You For | Naturbon Online Store

Top 4 Winter Hydration Tips Your Skin Will Thank You For

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  • Dec, 09 , 20

'Jack Frost' can do more than just nip at our nose come winter. The chill can have a devastating effect on skin if it is not protected against the elements. With enough exposure and lack of care, your skin can dry up, crack and can even start bleeding from places. Here are some top winter hydration tips that can nourish and moisturize your skin from the inside out and keep skin hydrated:

1.Take Shorter Showers

A piping hot shower can take the chill off your bones, but it can also leach your skin of moisture and make it chronically dry. Keep them short and sweet to prevent this from happening. A 5 minute shower is more than enough to get the dirt and shampoo off. Plus, make sure that you moisturize after you hop out, using body milk that contains natural ingredients such as the Pomegranate Body Milk from Geoderm or our Shea body butter. Apply the product when your skin is still damp to ensure your skin absorbs it completely.

2.Moisturize On the Go

Keeping your skin moisturized should be your number one priority during the winter months. It will keep drying up during this weather so do not forget to moisturize your face. This is one of the top skin care tips for face. If you have oily or combination skin, increase application to two or three times a day. If your skin is highly sensitive on the other hand, opt for a product that has soothing and natural ingredients. Plus, make sure you get a cream for your hands. Just because it covers them, doesn’t mean that your body cream can hydrate your hands efficiently.

3.Skip the Toner and Invest in a Humidifier

A toner is great for removing makeup residue and dirt from your face, but it can dry out your skin in the winter especially the ones with alcohol. Stash it away and invest in a humidifier instead. The air is super dry during the winter and your skin will feel the effects. Maintain your skin’s suppleness by placing your face over the steam that comes out for a few minutes. It will open those pores and prepare your skin to receive and absorb moisturizer. This hidden gem is one of the best skin hydration tips one can follow in winters.

4.Heal Your Skin Overnight

Hands and feet go through the wringer during the winter. And so, winter and skin care are two important keywords now. The skin can not only dry out fast, it can also start to crack and peel. In fact, it will still do that no matter how much you use your hand or foot cream. Do the ‘sock and glove’ therapy to rehab your suffering hands and feet. Just slather on heavy moisturizer on both, slip on thin cotton gloves and socks and then go to bed. Your hands and feet will be noticeably softer in the morning!

Use these hydration tips for winter to maintain your derma’s hydration levels. No need to head down to the store and expose your skin. Just visit our online store at and get skin care products for winter delivered right to your doorstep.


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