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10 Clay Masks Benefits: Your Skin Loves Them—Here's Why | Naturbon Online Store

10 Clay Masks Benefits: Your Skin Loves Them—Here's Why

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  • Sep, 09 , 21

10 Clay Masks Benefits: Your Skin Loves Them—Here's Why

“Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy in my lane. Focused. Flourishing.” If there was ever a meme that campaigned for healthy skin, it would be this! And skincare masks are right at the top, for they revamp the skincare routine.

So, yes, it is always good to take care of your skin. It takes up the largest space of your body, after all. If you are feeling that despite following the three-step routine- Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing – your skin needs something new, then it is time you look at clay face creams.  But why use clay for skin?

Because clay masks come with good benefits for skin care and here they are:

Tighten pores

You face dirt, dust, oil and other pollutants throughout the day and while a good facewash may help, it does not help with all kinds of impurities that accumulate on your skin. This leaves your face rougher and may lead to larger pores and other skin problems. Larger pores create an environment that nurtures bacteria which results in breakouts and makes skin more vulnerable to acne. Clay masks tighten skin pores and helps prevents this. So, using clay for skin tightening is a good remedy.

Good for Exfoliation

Exfoliation can help improve the overall health of the skin and clay masks definitely score in this department. Clay is known for its absorbent properties and hence, helps pull oil and dirt from the pores of your skin and clear out any toxins. It’s why clay for acne is typically recommended as well.

While conventional exfoliators tend to irritate or dehydrate the skin, it is not true for the clay, which also acts as a natural cleanser. Clay has many different types and each one has distinctive characteristics. French Green clay detoxifies by removing dead cells.

Naturbon’s ANCIENT WISDOM - Luxurious Green Clay restores the PH balance and tightens the skin.

Brightening The Skin

No, it is not about skin lightening at all – far, far from it!

A healthy skin is the one that is supple, even-toned and the one that glows.

And seeing the fast-paced lives that we live, it is not uncommon to have skin that looks tired. This is often due to not having a set skincare routine. But clay mask may help with just that. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising is the most basic skincare routine but adding clay masks ensures all dead skin is washed off – in a natural way. 

Clearing out toxins

Clay can regulate your skin by binding to it and taking down the dead bacterial cells with it, reducing bad bacteria from your skin and ensuring only the healthy amount remains.

Thus, it is recommended that you include a clay mask in your skin care routine for this.

Red Kaolin clay is good for cleansing but it also has anti-inflammatory properties so Naturbon’s ANCIENT WISDOM - Luxurious Red Clay Face Mask - Skin Detox, which is rich in iron oxide and copper and low in aluminium, is a good bet if you are looking for something that is not too harsh on the skin but still refreshes it too. 

Good for Oily Skin

A typical clay mask pulls excess oil from your skin and thus clay for oily skin is a ready-made solution. It soaks up excess sebum, resulting in reduced acne, white heads, black heads and other skin blemishes.  

Our oil absorbing ANCIENT WISDOM Luxurious Fuller Earth Clay Mask is perfect to add to your clay skin care, if you have an oily skin.

But benefits of clay do not end here!

Hydrating Dry Skin

The best part about clay masks is that they are available for both oily and dry skin because what many may not be aware of is that clay masks are available for dry, scaly skin too.

However, there are different variants containing sodium hyaluronate and glycerine that hydrate skin well and hinder dryness. The pink clay is great for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. The Naturbon’s ANCIENT WISDOM – Luxurious Pink Clay Face Mask which has properties to help in stimulating circulation on the skin, exfoliating, and cleansing.

Prevention of Skin diseases

Clay masks acts as a preventive measure against many skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema.  It is because it balances the skin and removes harmful toxins from the skin that end up irritating your skin and ruining the microscopic life on it.

Getting your skin to breathe

Clay masks don’t just clear out toxins, they work on the top layer of the skin to replenish and refresh it. They allow your skin to breathe by allowing more oxygen to come in contact with your skin tissue. This helps in increased blood circulation and gives you healthier skin. And there are multiple clay benefits.Buy Organic Clay Face Mask from Naturbon online shop.

Balancing the skin

The skin's natural pH should be around 5.5. Overusing some skin care products or overexposure to weather elements may cause an imbalance. So, while some products may regulate this imbalance, some may actually do the opposite.

Skin which falls too much on the alkaline side is susceptible to various skin imperfections and it needs a certain level of acidity for balance. Chemicals are often added in non-natural products which strip the skin of its natural oils and disrupt the Ph. Hence, it is important to use skincare products that are natural.

And clay masks are a boon for that. The smooth creamy mask not only soothe the skin but also help balance this out. So, Naturbon made sure to have the best skincare products for sensitive skin. Our Organic & Natural - 24HR Sensitive Olive Oil Anti-Ageing Facial Cream is the solution for that! Moreover, Lavender Tea Tree Clarifying Skin Cream - Vegan friendly has been made from an ancient recipe for acne-prone skin to balance natural skin oils by detoxifying and cleansing the skin.

It’s Organic

Clay is Mother Nature’s gift and there is a reason it should be kept that way. So, make sure to look for clay mask products that are organic as synthetic compounds, such as BPAs and parabens are not only harsh on the skin but also bad for the environment. Opt for plant-based or earth-based products that help you harmonize your skin and thrive within the environment to stay in-tune with nature.

Because balance is the key!

If you’ve never tried clay masks, do it today because you will be amazed at how this ancient skincare helps skin be supple, radiant and happy. And, using clay is the most simple skincare routine ever too; just make a paste and let it sit for 15 minutes, wash clay off the face and viola!

Our store online has skin care that is totally organic and all-natural! Ours is a vegan skincare that not only cares about the environment but also the people in it.

Our range includes glowing skin products that focus on nourishing the skin from within instead of skimming the surface.



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