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4 Incredible Benefits of Using a Clay Face Mask | Naturbon Online Store

4 Incredible Benefits of Using a Clay Face Mask

  • Naturbon Store
  • Feb, 25 , 21

People have used clay for many centuries to rejuvenate their skin and hair, and now, mainstream media is full of praise for it because of the many benefits. Clay face masks can be made of fuller's earth, bentonite, kaolin, and other ingredients.

Clay offers a range of skin benefits, including absorbing oil, managing acne and dry skin, removing impurities, and reducing the appearance of pores. Additionally, clay face masks are very easy to use and feel soothing to the skin.

Read on to learn about how clay can benefit your skin.

Draws Out Impurities:

Your everyday routine brings you face to face with a lot of dirt, pollution, oil, and other impurities. These gather and build up on your skin's surface, causing it to feel rough and making your pores look more prominent.

Additionally, dead skin cells also build up on the skin surface and cause acne if not exfoliated properly. A clay mask can help exfoliate the skin gently while drawing out those yucky impurities from the skin.

The mask effectively cleanses your face free of all kinds of buildup and bacteria.

Brightens Skin:

All the impurities mentioned above and daily wear and tear can have your skin looking dull over time. Clay masks can help restore your skin's freshness.

Using a red clay face mask for ten minutes a few times a week can help restore your skin to its bright, cheerful complexion.

Mattifies Oily Skin:

Clay masks are a godsend for those with oily skin. People with this skin type know that maintaining a grease and shine-free face takes a lot of effort. Clay masks are ideal for mattifying skin. They draw out excess oil and other impurities from the skin's pores.

Red Kaolin clay is the ingredient that you need to look for. Kaolin, aka white clay, is one of the mildest clays out there, and draws out grease and oils without being harsh.

You can find this ingredient in our Ancient Wisdom - Luxurious Red Clay Face Mask. The mask is excellent for fighting inflammation and toning the skin. It can also help reduce swelling and improves blood circulation.

Cleanses Stressed Skin:

Your favorite beauty products may contain a slew of harsh chemicals that are damaging your skin. Continuing cleaning your skin with these products can leave it dried and sensitive over time.

Our Ancient Wisdom - Anti-Ageing Luxurious Pink Clay Face Mask is made of red and white clay to gently cleanse normal to sensitive skin without harmful additives. The mask leaves skin rejuvenated and stimulates circulation.

This mask is ideal for dehydrated skin as it adds moisture and restores the skin’s pH balance without drawing out oil.

To shop our complete clay mask range, visit the Naturbon website to choose from the best all-natural anti-aging and rejuvenating skin care products. Transform your skin with Naturbon's natural skincare line.



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Naturbon Shop

Jun 26, 2021 at 18:21

It is better but if you don’t have a brush you can use your finger to mix thoroughly and once a paste. Apply it on your face with your fingers just like you would put a soapy mix on your face. We wish you luck trying it out.

Chi Okocha

Jun 26, 2021 at 18:16

Do I need to use a brush for the clay powder?

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