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Organic vegan friendly bath products from Naturbon 

Did you know that showering in cold water (even during winter) is more beneficial for the skin? It tightens the pores and retains natural oils without drying out the skin. However, If you want your skin to be baby soft and fragrant after showering, you need more than just cold water.

What you need is a shower gel that can seal in moisture and cleanse your skin at the same time. Complete your body nourishment routine with a post-shower serum or cream like the ones found in our product range. End with a dab of our moisturizing organic shea butter and feel your dry skin turn supple and soft from top to bottom.

Weather elements, dust, pollutants and busy schedules add to daily stress.  But nothing beats starting the day with a rejuvenating shower or washing off the remains of the day with a luxurious relaxing bath. So, be it bath or the shower, a thorough cleansing leaves you feeling recharged, relaxed and replenished.

All Natural and Organic Shower Gel Products from Naturbon 

Of course, then there are many skin problems such as rashes, irritable skin, and itchy bumps as well. A good shower and bath range can prove to be a game-changer in keeping all these at bay.

And knowing that, Naturbon brings its very own shower and bath products online with its luxurious shower gel and bath products. You can take your pick from Naturbon’s bath & shower store that has everything! From shower gels to luxury soaps to bath bomb products, our bath shop online has it all.

You can choose from Luxury Soap Flowers Heart Box, Handy Compact Paper Soap, Organic & Natural Skin Pamper Shower Gel - Aloe Vera, Lavender And Alm, Organic & Natural Skin Pamper Shower Gel - Aloe Vera, Oats And Coconut and Geoderm BIO Shower Gel - Aloe Vera, Calendula And Almond Oils.

Those looking for something more then can look at our range of lush bath bombs - Black Cherry Fizzy Bath Bomb (Vegan friendly), Bubblegum Fizzy Bath Bomb (Vegan friendly), Damask Rose Fizzy Bath Bomb (Vegan friendly), Baby Powder Fizzy Bath Bomb (Vegan friendly) and Mango Margarita Fizzy Bath Bomb (Vegan friendly).

We also have Pampering - Pure Himalayan Bath Salt Blends for those looking for that ultimate aromatherapy bathing experience.

Have questions about bath and shower gel products? Check these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

What is the difference between body wash and shower gel?

The key difference between bath and shower gel is the consistency in texture. Body washes are thinner and runnier and are similar to liquid hand soap or dish soap. Shower gels, as the name aptly suggest, have a gel-like consistency and are usually not runny.

So, if you prefer heavy lathering, then grime, dirt and oil is dealt aptly by shower gels which are more aggressive than body washes. But if you prefer a gentle cleansing, body washes work best.

But not just that, what is in the product matters a lot more too. So, if you are looking for bath gel online shopping, you might want to check this.

Our shower gel product range includes Organic & Natural Skin Pamper Shower Gel - Aloe Vera, Lavender and Almond Oils and Organic & Natural Skin Pamper Shower Gel - Aloe Vera, Oats and Coconut Oil; these are a careful blend of deeply moisturizing and softening almond oils and coconut oils with the mild and creamy gentle soap cleansing and rejuvenating the skin.

You can also try our all organic natural bath bomb products if you are not a shower person.

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