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How Does Natural Deodorant Compare To Conventional Deodorant? | Naturbon Online Store

How Does Natural Deodorant Compare To Conventional Deodorant?

  • Naturbon Store
  • Mar, 03 , 22

Gone are the days when you had limited deodorant options and you ended up at the cash counter with just a regular teen spirit antiperspirant. Today, you have a plethora of deodorant and antiperspirant options and a couple of them are certainly a notch above what many of us had, back in the days when we were teenagers. One of the latest rages is the all natural deodorant that smells great and effectively masks the stench of your body odor that can be quite repelling sometimes.

Natural deodorant brands offer what traditional deodorant businesses failed at for years, which is chemical-free antiperspirants. Today, brands don’t try to launch new fragrances, instead, they work towards catering to the needs and expectations of a highly-informed consumer base. They offer variants like aluminum free deodorants and other types of natural options that appeal more to modern consumers, who understand the impact of chemicals on their skin and overall health.

Product Name Price Description
Natural Deodorant Cream - Original €4.45

No Nasties | Non-GMO | Vegan | Highly Effective

Blended with pure essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Sage and Thieves (Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rosemary)

Natural Deodorant Cream - Rose & Bergamot €4.45

No Nasties | Non-GMO | Vegan | Highly Effective

Blended with organic essential oils of Rose Geranium and Bergamot.

Natural Cream Deodorant - Lemongrass & Lime €4.45

No Nasties | Non-GMO | Vegan | Highly Effective

Blended with organic essential oils of Lime and Lemongrass.


According to statistics, the market of natural deodorant products is anticipated to grow by 12 percent between 2019 and 2022. Just like the FMCG sector is preparing for the boost in organic and all-natural food and beverage demand, the cosmetic industry is also experiencing the same changes in consumer behavior patterns and demands. A healthy lifestyle is what many consumers aim for when they purchase a product, whether it is food, cosmetics, or toiletries.

With this drastic change happening all around and your friends and family consistently pestering you to go all-natural, you might be thinking about switching to good natural deodorant. After all, it’s a healthy lifestyle choice that can save you from many harmful chemicals. However, before you start using natural deodorant, you need to understand which one will suit you. Apart from this, you should know what antiperspirants are and what deodorants are. Let’s understand the major difference.

Deodorants Vs. Antiperspirants – Which One Do You Need?

Even though many deodorants have an antiperspirant formula, both these variants serve different purposes. While the former is a cosmetic product that masks the bad odor, antiperspirant prevents it. A common chemical present in most antiperspirants is aluminum, which clogs the pores to control sweating in areas like the armpits. If you don’t sweat a lot or mostly stay inside air-conditioned places then it’s certainly better to use a natural organic deodorant.

Several studies suggest a link between long-term exposure to aluminum and the development of health conditions like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. However, there still isn’t a piece of evidence that proves that this link suggested by certain studies is credible. Several experts say that it is just like many other chemicals that we ingest and apply to our skin and hair. It cannot be concluded that the small amount of aluminum that may be ingested through an antiperspirant applied in armpits can cause such fatal diseases.

However, despite no solid science-backed proof, people are moving towards natural organic deodorants. The reason is the fact that we can ingest chemicals not just through food products but also through our skin. People are more health-conscious than ever due to not just studies and reports but also the recent pandemic. A healthy lifestyle certainly affects our body’s capacity to fight diseases and even experts and doctors agree with this.

So buying natural aluminum-free deodorant may be a small step but it does count. Back in the day, we had a good amount of sugar in breakfast because all the cereal manufacturers were focused on making their products taste better. Nobody had any idea that excessive sugar intake can affect our health, but with studies and research conducted all across the globe, many brands are now switching to reduced sugar content. Businesses change with consumers, and consumers change with awareness.

Why Are Natural Deodorants Better?

Any healthy underarm deodorant that you can buy nowadays is at least aluminum-free. The most common ingredients present in these deodorants are baking soda and arrowroot powder that effectively absorb sweat. Many natural deodorants that help with sweating also have essential oils as a substitute for chemical-based fragrances.

One thing that you should remember as a consumer is that even if you are buying a natural aluminum-free deodorant, it might contain other chemicals like parabens that can irritate or damage your skin. It is strongly suggested to go through the list of ingredients on the product packaging or product information section online before you buy it to get the cleanest chemical free organic aluminum-free deodorant.

Should You Make The Switch?

It is totally up to you, whether you want to buy a good aluminum-free deodorant or not. Yes, there are factors like skin sensitivity and health hazards that you should consider but ultimately it’s what you feel comfortable with. That being said, many deodorant natural brands can help you get rid of the burning sensation, itchy skin, and rashes that you may have due to your chemical-loaded deodorants. So, this certainly is a wise decision.

Buying a cosmetic product like deodorant or antiperspirant doesn’t seem like a big decision but in reality, it does affect your skin and overall health. Even though we don’t have concrete science-backed evidence that chemicals in your deodorants are affecting your health, dermatologists don’t deny the link. We have all experienced that sudden burning sensation in our underarms, post the application of a strong deodorant, and there’s a great way to get rid of it.

So even if you don’t consider the health hazards, this discomfort is a reason enough to switch to natural deodorant for underarms. Apart from this, it’s not like this natural alternative doesn’t work. Many brands that manufacture natural deodorant for sweating, have successfully created formulas that offer long-lasting fragrance and freshness. So, there’s no reason to keep torturing your skin with the heavy chemicals that are present in traditional deodorants.

However, before you buy an organic aluminum-free deodorant, read the ingredients. You should never blindly trust the advertisements of all-natural and chemical-free. Consumers need to be cautious and informed to make the right choice that suits them and fulfills their need for organic and all-natural products.


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