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4 Natural Ingredients and What They Do For Your Hair | Naturbon Online Store

4 Natural Ingredients and What They Do For Your Hair

  • Naturbon Store
  • Apr, 13 , 21

We believe strongly that hair care can be vastly improved with some basic organic ingredients like all-natural aloe vera gel and plant-based oils. However, not everyone really knows which ingredients are essential in an organic hair product range.

We’re breaking it down for you today so that you can make the most of your hair care routine!

Argan Oil

Did you know that argan oil is known as liquid gold for hair care products? That’s not an understatement — this oil comes from the fruit of the Argantree in Morocco and has a huge range of benefits for both skin and hair. Argan oil has loads of moisturizing fatty acids that help strands maintain moisture.

Argan oil also has Vitamin E in it and has been shown to have antioxidant properties that reduce damage to the scalp and hair. It also lowers swelling and can act as a protective layer against heat styling because of the immensely moisturizing properties it has.

Tea Tree Extract

Extracted directly from the plants, tea tree oils and extracts have a huge role to play in cleaning the scalp and hair strands. Tea tree oil gets rid of chemical buildup and dead skin without drying it out too much. This is great for people with oily scalps since excess buildup prevents hair from growing as it should.

Tea tree oil can act as an antifungal and antibacterial agent for your hair, too, ensuring that your follicles and scalp arebalanced. This can keep dandruff away as well, which is definitely a plus!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used for the hair and face for centuries in humid, hot areas like South Asia. Aloe vera is a gel extracted from the leaves of its plant and is almost magical in its properties. Aloe vera calms itchy, irritated skin because of the fatty acids in it.

 A woman with long, healthy hair posing with flowers

Aloe vera cleansing gels are used when the hair can’t withstand chemical cleaning agents, as this unique ingredient removes buildup and dirt without hurting the hair strand at all. In addition, the presence of Vitamin A, E, and C in the natural gel helps encourage cell growth too!

Almond Oil

Almond oil is perhaps one of the most hydrating oils out there! Almond oil is a moisturizing agent, as it brings water to the skin and seals it with an oil-based layer. It’s also an emollient, which are substances that help the skin retain moisture.

Almond oil is also through to reduce aging and sun damage, although the evidence is limited. Either way, almond oil is a must-have in any gentle, organic hair care product — and our line of shampoos and conditioners do!

We use all kinds of natural ingredients, like the ones mentioned above and others that are too numerous to name for our soothing, gentle hair care products. At Naturbon, we use the power of naturally sourced ingredients to help you improve your skin and hair.


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