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Winter to Spring Skin Care Transition | Naturbon Online Store

Winter to Spring Skin Care Transition

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  • Apr, 25 , 22

After a few wintry months, spring is finally knocking on our doors. You have probably swapped your puffer jacket for a shrug and traded your hoodies with cotton tees to deal with the change in season. But just like your wardrobe, your skin needs an upgrade too!

An increase in humidity calls for an increase in sebum production, which means your winter skincare routine requires a transition. The moisturizer that saved you from dry skin during winters is likely to be very heavy for this time of the year. And while a sunscreen with SPF 20 did its job well, you probably require something stronger to protect your skin as the sun is 2X times stronger than it was during the winters.

Well, the point is, our skin needs time to adapt to this seasonal change. To make this process easier and to unlock your glowing and hydrated skin, we have set some new protocols that you need to follow.

Here are 5 winter skincare products that you need to include in your spring skincare routine :

Thick Cleanser to a Lightweight Cleanser

Winter calls for a heavy cleanser with added moisture to combat dry and itchy skin. But with warmer weather, our skin becomes capable of producing more oil on its own. So, instead of using a thick, hydrating cleanser, go for something light. A gel-based or foaming cleanser makes for a perfect choice to deeply clean your skin and to keep it hydrated without stripping off the natural oils.

Heavy Moisturizer to a Gel-Based Moisturizer

During winters, our skin needs extra moisturization to keep it soft and supple whereas in the spring, our skin naturally produces more oil which retains moisture better. Still, you should never skip moisturization. Moreover, there is a common myth that oily skin type people don’t need to moisturize as it will lead to breakouts and greasy skin. But in reality, if you don’t moisturize, your skin will produce more oil to make up for the lack of hydration.

The right solution? Opt for a lightweight gel-based moisturizer with its active ingredient as Hyaluronic Acid. It will deliver exactly what your skin needs and give you your #SkinGoalsinSpring.

Oil-Based Serum to a Water-Based Serum

Serums for your skin are a great addition to your skincare in the spring season as they deeply penetrate and give faster results. However, you don’t have to skip serums from your spring skincare routine. Instead, you just have to consider a lightweight formula. You can get a water-based vitamin C serum instead of an oil-based vitamin C serum. It will give you the same benefits minus the bad effects of oily and greasy skin.

Low SPF Sunscreen to a Higher SPF Sunscreen

All your skincare is a waste if you don’t apply sunscreen. Having said that, harmful UV rays create dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, aging, and above all, can cause some serious skin diseases like skin cancer. For most of us, sunblocks are only important when we step outside but in fact, sunblocks are equally important indoors and it should be mandatory in your daily skincare anti-aging routine. For the oily skin types, don’t worry, the skincare market is evolving and you have some great options available where you can get – higher SPF in a lightweight gel-based formula.

Physical Exfoliation to a Chemical Exfoliation

It is critical to remove dead skin layers even during the spring months. But make your switch from a physical exfoliation that contains smaller particles like walnuts, apricots, shells to a chemical exfoliation that contains AHA, BHA, or PHA. These will give you the same effect without causing micro-tears on your skin.

Also, chemical exfoliation does more than just remove the dead skin cells; it controls oil production, re-texturizes the skin and minimizes open pores.

However, be mindful; do not over-exfoliate as it will make your skin sensitive to the sun. 1-2 times a week is enough or if you have major skin concerns like acne or enlarged pores, you can choose to go for milder chemical exfoliation that can be done on a daily basis.

Time to Spring Clean Your Entire Skincare Cabinet

Declutter and re-organize your skincare products. Using products past their expiration date will do more harm than good.

Next, switch your products if they don’t give you expected results as the chances are they do not suit your skin type or concern. However, be sure that many products take 3-6 months to show any noticeable changes.

Lastly, look for a change in smell, color and consistency of a product and if you find any of these, toss it right away. Bad products are not only harmful for your skin but also a breeding ground for bacteria. However, products with natural ingredients tend to change their color and consistency over time but the efficacy remains the same. Make sure you carefully read the label behind the product.

Finally, if you are a product hoarder, consider giving away unopened products (that you will not use in the future) to a friend. Trust us; you don’t really need 7 face washes!

Essential spring time skincare tip:

No matter the season, the transition can be harsh on every skin type. We suggest you choose products that go well with your skin type and concern. You can and should always ask a dermatologist before incorporating any skincare product into your spring time skincare routine. Also, remember the golden rule – less is more when it comes to skincare. So, always keep your products and skincare steps to a minimum.


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