4 Ways to Ensure Your Beard Remains Resplendent

Dec 11 , 2020


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4 Ways to Ensure Your Beard Remains Resplendent

As a proud beardsman, your beard is more than just hair on your chin. It’s self expression at its finest. Once you start growing that hair out, you should maintain it to ensure it remains healthy and manageable. Here are some great beard care tips and beard care products that can help you realize that vision:

1. Resist the Urge to Snip

A resplendent beard is the product of a LOT of self restraint. When you first start growing it out do not trim and style it for at least a month. Otherwise, the hair will grow unevenly as some strands will grow faster than others.

By allowing it to grow freely in the beginning, you can get the thickness you need to style your beard as you please. A healthy lifestyle and a good diet can also speed up the process.

2. Wash Your Beard with Natural Beard Shampoo

Contrary to popular belief, you should NOT use hair shampoo on your beard! The skin on your scalp is different from the skin on your face and chin. Opt for beard shampoos such as MANBON Natural Moisturizing Premium Beard and Mustache shampoo instead. 

The special shampoo contains natural argan oil which nourishes the beard and reduces its natural coarseness of the bristles. The oil also reduces dandruff and absorbs quickly so you won’t be left with greasy face.

3. Use Beard Oil

Your job isn’t over once that glorious beard grows in. After getting it trimmed, you need to keep the strands and the skin underneath hydrated with beard oil. If you wash it every day, that means you are stripping the natural oil that the beard produces.

A nourishing beard oil such as Natural Luxurious Beard Oil from MANBON contains hemp which will moisturize the skin and eliminate dryness that can otherwise cause itchiness. The oil is free of silicones and sulfates which only give the illusion of conditioned hair and prevent your beard from getting the nutrients it needs.

4. Comb It With A Beard Comb OR Brush

Sure you can use your regular hair comb, but the bristles will do nothing to stimulate beard growth. They aren’t designed for it like a beard comb is such as the Two Sided Natural Beard Comb. The naturally stiff bristles stimulate hair follicles to encourage hair growth and rid your beard of dust and debris.

Plus, it is a great tool to keep a full-grown beard neat and trim. Since it is free of burrs, this best product for beard care will not catch in the strands either.  Use it regularly to keep your beard glorious and smooth to the touch.

At Naturbon, we strive to introduce natural beard care products that our customers do not hesitate to invest in. Take a look at our entire product line today!

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