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Is Face Skin really different to Body Skin? | Naturbon Online Store

Is Face Skin really different to Body Skin?

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  • Nov, 15 , 20


Have you ever wondered why you cannot use body soap on your face? Or why you shouldn't use body lotion on your face? Perhaps you have grown frustrated with the sheer number of products that are created specifically for different parts of your body. There is a reason why the market is saturated with skincare products.

No, they aren’t trying to trick you in buying their entire product line. Here are some of the ways that both of these skin differ from each other:

1. Difference in Size of Cells

The skin cells on the face are smaller compared to those on the rest of the body. In other words, our facial skin is basically a thinner barrier comparatively against pollutants but it also allows deeper product penetration. It is one of the main reasons why that skin is more prone to breakouts than the skin on any part of our body.

2. Difference in Thickness

Our facial skin is thinner than the skin on our body, which may also vary in thickness. Plus, the former also has a thinner layer of fat compared to the latter, which is why wrinkles are noticeable on the face first. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and can be highly sensitive, and should be given special treatment. A serum that contains natural ingredients can work wonders.

3. Difference in Number of Oil Glands

The face has more oil glands than the rest of the body combined. That is why it can get slick and shiny if you have oily skin and are out in the sun for too long. While it is necessary to lubricate the skin, excess oil can block pores which can result in breakouts. You can end up stripping it of the oil supply it needs to remain supple. The skin on our body on the other hand, cannot get as oily since it doesn’t contain as many glands. Infact, a lot of people with oily face have extremely dry body skin.

4. Difference in Exposure

The skin on our body is protected with clothing and unless you wear a hat all day, your face is more susceptible to the damages of UV radiation. With prolonged exposure and lack of care, the face can start to look older as the skin sags due to the damage. A clay mask in your skincare routine can maintain its suppleness by promoting blood flow.

At Naturbon, you are sure of the purity of your products as we are quite particular about the natural skin care products we choose to provide our valued customers. Check out our product line and order yours today.


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