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Stuck At Home Because Of Covid-19? You Can Still Care For Your Skin Without Going To A Spa! | Naturbon Online Store

Stuck At Home Because Of Covid-19? You Can Still Care For Your Skin Without Going To A Spa!

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  • Nov, 14 , 20

Just because you wear a mask to ward off the virus doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin care. Here are 3 easy tips for home spa.

While masks and social distancing can decrease your chances of contracting Covid-19, the routine can wreak havoc on your skin. Constant skin coverage can lead to breakouts and dry skin. Just because your local spa is closed during lock-down, doesn’t mean you should neglect your skin. Here are some of the best ways you can give yourself a spa treatment without breaking a sweat:


1. Use Steam to Open Up Those Pores

One of the best parts about doing facials is the steam machine. The warm air opens up the pores to release dirt and oil. You can do the same thing at home even if you don’t have a machine. Just place your face over a hot tub of water and let the steam do its thing.

Make sure the water is not piping hot though. You want to open up clogged pores, not scald the skin. This simple routine will prep your skin to accept skin care products such as your favorite mask or scrub and make them more efficient. 

2.      Double Cleanse Your Skin

There is a reason why your spa lady puts in some serious elbow grease when she is scrubbing the skin on your face. It takes hard work to remove all traces of grime, dust, makeup and oil from the skin. The routine is made up of several steps which you can recreate at home.

First, remove all of your makeup using cleansing water which can lift all dirt from your skin like a magnet. Then, use a gentle cleansing milk to restore the skin and deep clean those clogged pores. Follow it with a face mask that suits your skin type and relax for half an hour before taking it off.

3.  Don’t Forget Your Body! – Scrub That Dirt Away

Your spa may have the perfect scrub, but most just use basic brown sugar as the base which you can use to make your own. The simple ingredient is quite gentle on the skin and can get rid of loose skin without damaging the skin underneath.  It should be a vital part of your COVID-19 skin care routine.

Make your own body scrub at home by mixing brown sugar with some honey. Apply the mixture to freshly cleaned and dried skin and massage it in. It will attract dead skin right up to the surface. Wash it off with lukewarm water to reveal clean and new skin underneath. Use a body cream on slightly damp skin to ensure the new skin remains soft or try our Shea body butter.

At Naturbon, we care about your safety and skin care routine as much as you do. Place your orders for our fantastic all natural body and face care products and get them right at your doorstep for your COVID-19 skin care routine.


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