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Top beard types for Men and Grooming Tips | Naturbon Online Store

Top beard types for Men and Grooming Tips

  • Naturbon Store
  • Nov, 23 , 21

A beard is the ultimate symbol of all things masculine. And super versatile too! Each beard style can bring out the uniqueness of a face and may even enhance the face shape. It’s why it is always good to experiment with different men’s beard styles. But even more important is to keep them well-groomed, too.

Here are top beard styles and grooming tips you can try:  

Scruffy Beard

Give or take three weeks and a scruffy beard is all set. This style is a bit longer than the stubble and is characterized by its rough appearance. This attractive beard style gives men a rough look, however, a rugged yet refined look has to be maintained once you have grown the beard to the desired length; just remember to regularly trim and shape the cheek lines and neck to maintain the symmetry.      

It is important to note that the growing a scruffy beard means that it will be itchy for some time.

Grooming Tip: Using a good beard oil - MANBON - Natural Luxurious Beard Oil (Artemis Perfume) - to moisturize the roots would definitely fix that, keep your beard well-maintained.

Stubble or 5 o’clock shadow

Opting for the stubble, also known as the 5 o’clock shadow, is always a good bet. Not only it starts your beard journey, this style also goes well with different face shapes. The timelessness of this style shows how versatile carrying a stubble can be. For instance, you’re in a job that does not allow you to grow a beard, and you still want to, then the stubble is a classic choice. Also, it is helpful for those who are unable to join longer facial hair because of genetics. Another good point is that one does need much maintenance. The only pointer is to trim the stubble, keep it moisturized.

Grooming Tip: A beard balm - MANBON - Luxurious Natural Post-Shave Balm (Sandalwood Perfume) - would smoothen the skin underneath the whiskers and sooth any itchiness that may come with the stubble.


A goatee is the best way to go as soon as you have the slightest of facial hair. Simply shave off everything except for the moustache, chin, and the lines that connect the two. You must keep the lines defined with daily trimming or shaving, but keeping a little more length to the hair on your chin will help visually lengthen any face shape. The MANBON - Natural Luxurious Beard Oil (Bleu Noir Parfum)
 will help prepare the skin underneath before you begin with that close shave.  

The Full Beard Au Naturel

For a true blue warrior-look, an all-natural beard is a classic choice. A full beard is a bold choice and is a symbol of all things masculine. And to top that, it is an attractive beard style during the winter months, keeping the face warm. However, it must be noted that one needs that sagely patience to grow it. Also, having a grooming routine is a must for the best beard growth because an all-natural look can look untidy if not done right.

Grooming Tip: Shampoo, oil and comb is the routine for the well-groomed look. You can opt for MANBON - Natural Moisturising Premium Beard & Moustache Shampoo for a gentle beard cleaning to reduce the coarseness of the bristles.

Finally, one can invest in the Manbon Natural & Luxurious Beard Grooming Kit - Gift Pack that has Manbon organic beard shampoo, Manbon men's beard oils, Manbon men's beard and moustache balm and Natural Bristles men's beard brush. A full grooming kit ensures that you can try different beard styles without worrying about messing with the beard growth pattern and keep it clean, shiny and smooth.


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