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All Natural Clay for skin is a game changer


We all are dealing with stressful times and that means a lot of skin problems despite the daily skin care regimen. So, what do you do when your skincare needs a revamp? Organic face products like skincare masks, homemade facials, facials for oily skin of course! But why clay masks? Well, they help deal with pores, are good exfoliators, brighten the skin, clear out toxins, reduce pores and what not! Take a look at our wide range of all organic clay products.

We, at Naturbon, have created all-natural homemade face masks for skincare. Just for you!

Our natural face products are for all skin types

If you are dealing with dull skin, then we have just the clay cream for face that detoxifies the skin, leaving it bright and fresh. Naturebon’s ANCIENT WISDOM - Luxurious Fuller Earth Clay Mask - Oil Absorbing clay face cream is perfect for those wishing to retain their natural skin but also want radiant, healthier skin. The oil-absorbing, clay face cream has cleansing and antiseptic properties and is best used as an exfoliator.

Our ANCIENT WISDOM - Luxurious Green Clay - Tightens & Refreshes is for normal as well as oily skin. The Green clay from France has been created keeping in mind the many types of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, bug bites, rosacea, and sunburn.

If your priority is to deal with signs of ageing, then try our Naturbon’s ANCIENT WISDOM - Anti-Ageing Luxurious Pink Clay Face Mask that is ideal for mature skin and is best suited for normal and sensitive skin. It assists in stimulating blood circulation within the skin and works as an exfoliating and cleansing agent. So, you see, we have something for every skin type. 

Natural face masks for a radiant, healthier skin

Try Naturbon’s face masks for Oily acne prone skin today and see the wonder of Mother Earth...

Have questions about skin care and hair products? Check these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

 Does clay mask work on oily skin?

Fuller's earth as a clay face masks for glowing skin is the universal solution for an oily skin. Apart from oil-absorbing, the homemade clay face mask has antiseptic and cleansing properties as well - this works effectively for as a face mask for acne-prone skin. It is an exfoliating agent as well, pulling out impurities from the skin. This also means that it can work on a stressed, dull skin to rejuvenate it.

However, the popular homemade face mask for skin is hard to find in an unadulterated form. Thus, our all natural organic oil absorbing fuller’s earth is available online. Each tin of our ANCIENT WISDOM - Luxurious Fuller Earth Clay Mask - Oil Absorbing clay face mask has been hand-packed with love for you and respect for nature and the best face masks for acne skin.

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