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Beard maintenance and care - 7 vital tips | Naturbon Online Store

Beard maintenance and care - 7 vital tips

  • Naturbon Store
  • Jun, 07 , 22

As men, we know how important your beard is to you. You have grown it – you’ve gone through that unbearable itching stage - and you're proud of it, whether it's still short, patchy or has some length. Well, the adventure has only just begun, your next step is to maintain your beard and trust us, it may seem overwhelming at first but it is not!

It is necessary to maintain your beard in order for it to grow healthy and look the part, rather than looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards. This necessitates a consistent beard care practise.

But don't worry, dude, you won't be spending hours in front of the mirror every day. You could if you want to. However, it would take less time than shaving your beard on a daily basis.

Because you know your beard and what it requires to get you through the day, every men’s beard care kit and essentials will be different. Let us give you some pointers on how to keep your beard in good shape as you develop your own routine.


Listen up, man, you're going to have to keep your beard looking good at some time, which requires frequent beard maintenance trimming. Now, in an ideal world, you'd go to the barber every 3-4 weeks, but we understand that's not feasible. Fortunately, it's fairly simple to do it yourself....and to be honest, it can be quite therapeutic. How? Well, with market booming with men’s essential care kit and beard combos, you will get everything you want in your budget. Also, you can use it anytime you want! 

1. First things first, you need to comb your beard before trimming. It is essential if you want a clean, even look. You can opt for the best beard comb available in the market such as a wooden beard comb. They are handmade and all-natural! 

2. Secondly, invest on a good pair of barber scissors. We recommend using one with the razor edge, so you can shave that cheek line if you want to. Moreover, it has an adjustable tensioner and a finger rest so you can fine-tune your trim to perfection.

3. Keep in mind, when your beard is damp, don't clip it. Your beard hair will shrink back once it has dried, and you will lose the evenness.

4. Trimming the neckline and cheek line will be covered in our blog post, but when it comes to the beard, take it slow. Take modest cuts at first until you get the hang of those scissors; it may take a few tries, so don't go too overboard and excited.

5. After you've combed your beard to make it look neat, start clipping away at the stray hairs. Do this a few times until it looks like it's starting to take shape.

6. Now, if you have a beard trimmer, attach the longest attachment to it and carefully follow the beard shape down. Don't go up since you can snag your beard and lose more hair than you want. Slowly move around the beard, shaping it as you go.

7.Finally, don't forget to keep your moustache, especially your lips, in good shape. You don't want to be mistaken for a walrus. Trim the hairs in one direction from the centre of your upper lip to the corner of your mouth, starting with your scissors in the middle of your upper lip. You'd like to see the entire lip. Return to the centre and cut in the opposite direction with the scissors.

Yes, that’s it for trimming. Simple yet very effective. Moreover, trimming on regular intervals, help keep the beard growth in check and also, it is looks healthier. Also, adding a good premium beard comb will help you brush it throughout the trimming process and otherwise too! 

Fun fact: Regular combing your beard increases hair growth and keeps them healthy and shiny. So, whenever you comb your hair, make sure to comb your beard too!


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Keeping it clean

When it comes to beard care, your beard oil and balm get a lot of attention. They're crucial, and we'll discuss them later, but we believe that maintaining your beard and keeping it clean is just as vital as deciding which products and style tools to use.

Washing the beard with a beard shampoo (not regular shampoo) removes all the dead skin, dust, and food particles. This not only makes you appear better, but it also prevents your follicles from being clogged and encourages beard development. Why not regular shampoo? That’s because they are harsh on the skin and you certainly don’t have a scalp on your face! Sound weird right? Face skin is entirely different and is very sensitive, so it is important to invest on products that are good and made to suit your skin.

Beard shampoo and beard conditioner soften your beard, making it easier to manage.

Beard shampoo is applied in the same way as regular shampoo: pour a little amount onto the palm of your hand (or three pumps from the beard wash bottle if you're using our product) and mix it into a lather before rubbing it into your beard and skin. The shampoo should then be rinsed completely with warm water and dried with a towel. After you’re done, do the same with the best beard conditioner in UK. It'll feel fantastic, we promise and men swear by it. 

Oh, and when it's time to dry, pat it down with a towel. Don't rub it too hard because it will harm the hair. You could also want to use a hair dryer, but don’t forget to keep it low. The good news is that you don’t have to invest individually on different products, beard combo kit will have everything you need. Right from shampoos to oils and conditioners. Also, you can customize your own beard combo kit and add in the products you’ll actually need. 


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Hydrating and styling

Normally, moisturising and styling your beard would be separated parts, but we're sure you've got more important things to do than read this blog post. As a result, we'll make it short and sweet. The majority of our styling solutions hydrate your beard as well. It's just that they all go about their work in slightly different ways.

Beard oil is one of Naturbon's beard maintenance products. Keep a bottle on hand and squeeze a few drops onto your palm before massaging it into your beard and skin. This truly moisturises your skin and keeps it from drying out. Plus, you can take it with you when you travel. 

Then there's beard balm. Now, beard oil is a fantastic product, but it doesn't provide much hold or volume and tends to make your beard look shinier. If you're looking for hold, balm is your best bet. Because of the shea butter, it will still moisturise your beard and will help you to shape your beard much better. It is especially recommended for those with longer beards. However, medium length beards can also use it for styling. 

Scoop a pea-sized amount onto your palm, knead it together until it melts, and then massage it into your beard and skin. The amount of oil and balm you require is determined by your beard; only you can determine what works best for your beard.


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Combing your beard

Either a beard comb or a beard brush will be used at the end of your beard maintenance trip.

Those with shorter beards tend to use a brush, while those with longer beards tend to use both a comb and a brush. Try both and see which one works best for you.

Prior to applying style products, a comb and a brush assist remove dead skin, dust, and leftover food, and after applying styling goods, a comb and a brush make it easier to disperse the product throughout all of the hairs, follicles, and skin.

Take your time figuring out what works best for you, and it'll quickly become second nature.


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Happy beard styling!


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