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What is better for your eyes, an eye serum or an eye cream? | Naturbon Online Store

What is better for your eyes, an eye serum or an eye cream?

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  • Jun, 08 , 22

We are all aware of the importance of caring for the sensitive skin around the eyes. This area of the face shows signs of ageing far sooner than the rest of the face. The area around our eyes is particularly prone to wrinkles, sagging, and dullness, whether due to lifestyle changes, heredity, or harmful behaviours. After a certain age, investing in a good eye serum or eye cream that actually works is a necessity. If you've thought about it, you might have some reservations. However, you would still be stuck with one question - Is an eye serum or an eye cream better?

To know which one is a better pick for you, it is important to know its difference. A few people are aware of the distinction between the two. Though they might sound similar, but they both work very differently. We're here to assist you in evaluating the various features of the two goods.

To begin, let us know about the two; also, keep a notebook in handy as it will help narrow down your selection.


An eye cream is similar to a face moisturiser; however, it is only for the under eye area. The ratio of active chemicals to non-active components in eye creams is usually lower. They could also leave out any active ingredients from their ingredient list. Moreover, the majority of eye creams are hydrating. Dryness around the eyes is, after all, a typical problem. Inadequate hydration, however, causes a slew of ageing skin issues. Take, for example, fine lines and deep wrinkles that appear over time. That's why keeping your eye region moisturised should be a major priority in an under eye care routine. There are some best eye creams for dark circles and anti-ageing. Look out for ones that target your concern. Also, eye creams for wrinkles is very useful to delay the early signs of ageing. Make sure to look for the target before purchasing the eye cream. 


Eye serums have a high concentration of active substances and it easily penetrates your skin's surface. An eye serum is often used to address common skin issues around the eyes. Dark circles, puffy bags, tired-looking eyes, and the dreaded crow's feet are all examples. The sort of components in your eye serum is important depending on which skin condition you're dealing with. Vitamin C eye serum, for example, is a popular element in best eye serums. It acts as a brightening agent in skincare. That implies it can aid with dullness and puffy eyes. Whereas, hyaluronic acid eye serum has also been shown to increase hydration and prevent dryness under the eyes. Some of the best eye serums for dark circles include caffeine and Vitamin C as their active ingredient, whereas, if you are looking to reduce the puffiness or baggy eyes, go for active ingredients such as green tea and caffeine.

Moving on, now since you know the basic definition of the two. It is time to explore some features about the two to know their differences. 

Best Eye Serum and Eye Cream


Although the distinctions are not always evident, the texture may be the most important. An eye cream is a cream or lotion, as the name implies. An eye serum, on the other hand, has no fixed consistency; it might be a gel, a transparent flowing fluid, or something else entirely. It has a lighter texture and is generally the initial stage in the application process (in case you decide to follow up with a moisturizer). Both are supposed to give your delicate eye area a non-greasy, and light feel. Moreover, there are organic eye creams that work in reducing the early signs of ageing without any harsh chemicals.

Most people also look for consistency as one of the main concerns before picking their best eye creams or serums. This is because, for oily skin type people, oil based serums and cream are a big NO as it leads to heaviness and watery eyes. Moreover, people with dry skin will avoid dry-matte texture because it can make the creases appear and look more prominent. However, gel consistency is considered as one of the safest options for the two.


Both are primarily used to brighten the under eye area and prevent indications of ageing. Both contains powerful components that provide specific advantages, especially for individuals who are concerned about their ageing. You can opt for best eye creams for wrinkle, best eye serums for dark circles or any other eye cream or serums to meet your specific concern.

An eye serum hydrates, reduces dark circles, and prevent wrinkles. Whereas, an eye cream is generally used to hydrate and moisturise the region around the eyes. While an eye cream replenishes moisture, an eye serum supplements the skin with vitamins and antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and E and also hyaluronic acid for under eyes.

For makeup application, you can either opt for an eye serum or eye cream, both work wonders and helps in the smooth application of makeup. However, if you are to take our opinion, go for eye creams as they do not have any active ingredient as it can mix up with the makeup and can cause an allergic reaction.


Since everyone's skin type is different, there is no better than the other. You may prefer an eye cream over an eye serum, or vice versa, depending on your skin type and concerns. You may, for example, have normal skin with no visible indicators of skin problems in the region, such as dark eye circles or puffy bags. However, preventing skin ageing is your first goal. In such scenario, an anti-aging best eye cream might be a good addition to your regimen or perhaps your skin type is prone to oiliness. An eye serum might be better than an eye cream in this situation. Because the serum's thinner layer will likely seep into your skin, it will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

However, in most case scenarios, some best eye creams for dark circles in 2022 offer great advantages for your delicate under eye area and best eye serums for wrinkles penetrates deep within the pores and is considerably known to work faster. 

The Eye Serum from Naturbon is packed with virgin cold-pressed oils, herbal mixes, and cutting-edge compounds. It is extremely useful not just to the skin around your eyes, but also to your eyelashes! It will lengthen and thicken your lashes dramatically. Try this ground breaking serum, which is infused with the goodness of Castor oil, hemp seed oil, and Vitamin E. Shop now!


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