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This luxurious face spa in an eco-jar is from french clay is rich in iron oxide and copper and low in aluminum and it was traditionally used in treating joint pain and washing to protect oneself from infections and diseases.

It is often the case with sensitive skin that you cannot find the skin care products that work. Due to lack of right solutions, this skin type is often irritated, tired and prone to redness but red clay for face can help fix that.

This Red clay for your face comes with anti-inflammatory properties that help in refreshing, cleansing and toning the skin. The Red clay for face contains iron oxide and copper and low in aluminium which in ancient times,  found uses in treating joint pain as well as washing for protection against infections and diseases. This clay absorbs impurities from the skin, treating acne, skin allergies and sunburn and also balance sebum production.

The luxurious face spa replenishes and brightens the skin complexion by reducing redness and soothing the skin. It is also great in reducing puffiness and swellings and stimulating circulation in the skin. Each tin of this organic red clay for face has been hand-packed with love for you and respect for nature.

The key ingredient in ANCIENT WISDOM - Luxurious Red Clay Face Mask - Skin Detox is Red Kaolin clay which has antibacterial properties useful in treating acne, remove excess oils, secretions, and impurities from the skin.

Red Kaolin clay has anti-inflammatory property, that cleanses, refreshes, and tones the skin. It is also great in reducing swellings on affected areas and stimulating blood circulation. Each tin is hand-packed with love.

How to make the clay mask:
- Simply mix one heaped tablespoon of clay mask with 2-3 tablespoons of warm water to a smooth paste.
- Apply the paste to the face or body for 10-15 minutes or until it dries, put on your favourite tunes, or soak yourself in our bath salts and relax.
- Rinse with lukewarm water and pat face dry with a soft towel
- You can add floral waters instead of water and even essential oils for an aromatherapy experience

Size: 80g (can give at least 10 uses)

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