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Naturbon’s foaming face wash is gentle on the skin and prepares it for other products. Our skin is bombarded with free radicals and impurities on a daily basis. If you have been blessed with fine skin, you need a face wash that can purify it without triggering an allergic reaction. Naturbon’s Pure Herbal Foaming Face Wash is a mild foaming facial cleanser that not only cleanses the skin, it also gives it a natural blush without drying it out.

Ingredient List

Our Herbal Foaming Face Wash is enriched with ingredients that have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities:

Sugar beet extract – Sugar beet extract is rich in vitamin C, which prevents dark spots. It is also a rich source of phosphorus, iron and protein which give skin a healthy glow.

Blackcurrant extract – Blackcurrant has four times the vitamin C that oranges contain and double the amount of antioxidants as blueberries!

Camomile – Camomile has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin, reduces redness and eliminates blemishes.

Witch hazel – Witch hazel cleanses the skin of excess oil thus preventing breakouts.

Fig extract – The nutrients in figs balance sebum production, prevent water loss and trigger the production of skin melanin for brighter and youthful looking derma.

Filipendula herb extract – Filipendula or meadowsweet reverses damage caused by free radicals and prevents oxidative stress that can otherwise cause breakouts.

And more! Pure Herbal Foaming Face Wash today and enjoy a nourishing skincare routine that gives lasting results.

Size: 150ml

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